3 Signs You’re Working with a High-Quality Recruiter

3 Signs You're Working with a High-Quality Recruiter

3 Signs You’re Working with a High-Quality Recruiter

Great recruiters can add a tremendous amount of value to you on your job search. However, like any professional industry, be it Real Estate Agents, Accountants, Lawyers etc., there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Every recruiting professional has their own processes and specialty. Thus, it’s important to take an active approach not only in building a relationship with your recruiter, but also in choosing who will ultimately be representing you for a job opportunity. Scion Staffing’s recruiting team helps candidates land their perfect job match and has excelled at placing quality talent with quality companies. In this article, we will break down a few tips and tricks to ensure you’re working with a high-quality recruiter:

Tip #1: They focus on your career goals.

A great recruiter is focused not on maxing out their hiring numbers and “filling jobs,” but rather on creating strong matches between their candidates and clients. To accomplish that goal, it’s essential for them to understand a job seeker’s career motivations to help guide them in their job search. Ultimately, a recruiter should feel strongly not only that their candidate will be able to grow their career successfully in a given environment, but also that their client will have gained a valuable teammate.

It’s important to note that there is no one correct answer for what should be important to someone in their next role. Some job seekers and potential candidates will be motivated by a new title, by the opportunity to transition into management, new challenges, more recognition, working with a particular language or framework, etc. Take some time to reflect and be intentional about what you’re seeking and what’s important to you. You’ll be surprised by how much simply being intentional about your goals will set you apart!

Once you have a clear picture in mind of what a successful job search means to you, be honest in communicating that information to your recruiter. They should be more than happy to spend time helping you evaluate if the opportunity or opportunities that they’re representing can offer you what you’re seeking in your recruitment journey, and if so, they’ll help you get there.

Tip #2: They add value to your job search.

Ultimately, recruiters can only be successful if you are, so great recruiters will focus on equipping you with as many resources as possible on your job search. That might include anything from resume reviews, interview strategies, feedback, outside readings, etc.

More than that however, recruiters are a wealth of information. Great recruiters will have specialized insights into the job market to help you evaluate where you stand. They should be able to answer questions like, “Why are you excited to work with this client?” “What are the growth opportunities like in this role?” “How large is the team and what project are they focused on?” “What types of salaries are people with similar experience to me asking for?”

Tip #3: The recruiter thinks long term.

Great recruiters are relationship driven. It’s not only important for you to take an active approach in building a relationship with your recruiter, but also crucial for them to do the same! During the hiring process, a good recruiter will make sure they do their due diligence to set you up for long-term success. This means not looking to just place you in any job where you “might” be a good fit or trying to pair you with an organization that doesn’t quite fit your moral compass. Do you feel like your recruiter values you and wants to see you succeed in the long-term? Or do you feel like the recruiter is not using effective recruiting tactics?

That commitment to building strong relationships and investing into people is why great recruiters build strong networks of professionals and clients. The bond between recruiting and potential candidates is extremely important. They understand that even if the opportunities they’re working on today might not be right for you, they may be able to open a door for you to your dream job in the future. If you’d like to see what a team of motivated, great recruiters looks like, reach out to Scion Staffing today!

Scion Staffing takes employment recruiting seriously

Whether you’re looking to be a contract employee or looking for your next permanent job opportunity, Scion Staffing’s talented team of recruiting professionals use effective recruiting strategies to place you with the perfect match. If you’re looking for a job with an excellent company culture or looking for opportunities that offer remote or hybrid working roles, our recruiters take into account all of your skills and take a thorough approach to the hiring process. We understand that the recruitment process can be a long and tiring process, but our recruiters can help you navigate the biggest challenges.

We pride ourselves on our proactive communication and long-standing relationships with our vast talent pool. We believe in creating true lasting relationships with our valued clients rather than transactions. We will take the time to understand your business, team, and goals as we partner with you to find the best talent match and best support you. Contact us today to get in touch with one of our professional recruiters or visit our website today to get started. You can also view our job board here.

Written by Scion Technical Recruiter Ryan Morgan