Effective Communication

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Effective Communication

Building a culture of clear and effective communication into your team can greatly improve your productivity and processes. Whether your team is working remotely, in office or a hybrid of both, ensuring channels of communication are clear and concise build rapport and a great foundation for you and your team.  


State Expectations

One of the greatest grievances for people is unspoken or unclear expectations. This is especially true in the workplace. Do you have a set of expectations for all of your team? Are these expectations clearly communicated, both verbally and written? If the answer to either of these questions is no, then maybe it’s time to go over expectations that you have of your team- and that they may have of each other and together, come to a conclusion of what these expectations are and how they will play out in your workplace.  


Name Your Channels of Communication

In a world where so many of us work remotely, knowing where and when to communicate is extremely important. Do you use email, instant messaging, text or phone calls? Which of these channels should be used for emergencies or quick questions? Which channel do you want your team to prioritize communicating with clients? Naming and establishing this within your team will keep things clear.  


Match Your Communication to Your Brand

This is one of the most valuable and unmentioned ways of communication. Communication is the easiest way to establish your brand and your brand’s voice. Are you casual or highly professional in how you communicate? How do you expect all of your team members to communicate externally? Establish this and make it a precedent within your team.  



Communication is extremely important for the success of your team. For more resources and tips, we encourage you to check out our blog today!