Energize Your Job Search

Women sitting at her desk with white background at her job search.

Energize Your Job Search


We can all agree, your job search can be exciting and exhausting. It takes mental endurance to relentlessly put yourself out there, network and go through the interviewing process. Sometimes, a job search can even feel like it’s zapping you of your energy. That’s why we’ve put together a list of easy things to do to energize your job search.


Document your accomplishments

Along with listing your years of experience and tenure- don’t forget to brag a little. You need to state your accomplishments on your resume, otherwise hiring managers won’t know about them. List the ROI that you’ve made in previous positions and on teams.


Take breaks

Approach your job search in a way that can be sustainable, rather than leading to burn out. Build breaks into your day while you search. Take a walk, chat with a friend and build out your search so that it’s more exciting than exhausting.


Network your network

You may think you’ve reached out to all of your connections. But, your connections have connections too. Rethink your approach and ask your network to reach out on your behalf – networking is as much about building and fostering relationships as it is getting the initial connection. As always, send a thank you note to show your appreciation, regardless of the outcome of the networking.


Don’t search alone

As a staffing and recruitment firm, it’s our JOB to assist and ease your job search. Our recruiters are specialized in their field and well networked with decision makers and hiring managers. If you’ve exhausted your network, considering reaching out to a staffing agency to discuss opportunities. You never know when or how your next career prospect may present itself.


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