Nonprofit Staffing Plan

Nonprofit Staffing Plan diverse team

Nonprofit Staffing Plan

How to ensure your longevity within your nonprofit team. 


It’s been said that your organization’s biggest asset is its people. When an organization has the right talent, it runs like a well-oiled machine, regardless of the bumps it may encounter. As nonprofit staffing experts, we have the pleasure of partnering with nonprofits throughout the U.S. to ensure a great fit for the role and for the culture. We have put together a list of ways to ensure longevity within your organization’s team and build a foolproof nonprofit staffing plan  

Have a strong mission.  

Individuals who seek work with nonprofit organizations desire a mission that they align with. When your organization has a strong mission and vision, you are then able to easily cast that vision for new employees and as such, they are able to catch and own the vision themselves. Making sure you have a mission statement that is visible as well as a 5-year vision will help to ensure that you mission is strong 

Build out rhythms to foster team culture and rapport.  

Do you have weekly meetings where your team can check in, talk to employees in other departments and build comradery? If not, consider building them into your company rhythm. By doing so, you create a culture that values teamwork and encourages interaction for all employees.  

Give employees ownership.

One of the easiest ways to ensure longevity within your nonprofit team is to give employees ownership. Whether that is letting them lead a project or team or creating new tasks and roles that play to their strengths, you boost employee morale and give them confidence and excitement to continue to master new skills at work.  


At Scion Nonprofit, we have a deep network of proven nonprofit professionals. Let us help you find the right, mission matched employee quickly for your team and organization to aid a successful nonprofit staffing plan!