Build a Strategic Plan For a Thriving Business

Person writing "Strategic Plan" on a chalkboard.

Build a Strategic Plan For a Thriving Business

Start off the new year of 2021 the right way! Create a strategic plan for your business or department to thrive.

Happy New Year! As we ring in a new year, we busy ourselves with reflecting on the past year (I’m sure we can all agree, this past year was a doozy) and forge ahead with goals for the year to come. As a recruitment agency, we have successfully helped startups, businesses and organizations save time and money as well as  grow through finding the best and brightest talent for their teams. Regardless of what your business goals are this year, it’s helpful to build out a strategic plan to overview just how you will address your business’s pain points.

Begin by asking yourself three questions:

  • What do you want to do? (what pain points to do you want address?)
  • How are you going to do it? (what will this take; of your time money and assets?)
  • What would happen if you did what you want to do? (think five years down the road, how will this improve and impact your business then?)


By asking these questions, you’ll begin a framework to strategically plan out your year. After you’ve answered these questions go a step further and determine how you will measure your success. What is the ROI that you will look into? Conversions, sales, new business? As you narrow down exactly what you will be looking for and measuring, you’ll be able to not only own your strategy, you’ll also be able to successfully communicate and champion this strategy to your team and get them onboard.

Perhaps you’ve highlighted multiple pain points to address within your strategy. Additional questions that are helpful to consider as you narrow your plan are:

  • How do your goals and strategy align with your business’s values?
  • What projects will you take on- how large and long will they be (a full year, or a quarter long project, for example)?
  • Will you need to partner or outsource work to meet your goal?


If you’ve found that your strategic plan include finding amazing new talent to add to your team, we’d love to help you achieve them! Contact us today to learn how Scion can partner with you.