What to Ask in a Technical Interview?

Technical interview between a technical hiring manager and candidate.

What to Ask in a Technical Interview?

At Scion Technical—our technical & IT staffing division—we partner with candidates to ensure that they are ready and successful in their technical interview.


Some of the most common questions we’ve received from candidates are centered around their interview. Generally, job seekers will focus on preparing answers to questions for an interview but rarely do candidates remember to prepare questions for the interview as well. To ensure you are prepared, we’ve put together a list of four questions you’ll want to ask an interviewer in a technical interview.


What are your goals for the next five years or where do you see the company in the next five years?

What this question implies: Depending on the size of the company and who you’re speaking with, asking a question such as this during your interview implies that you care about the goals and success of the company. It also shows that you are thinking long-term about the company and have the big picture in mind.


What do you expect from team members in this position?

What this question implies: Yes, you have read the job description, but likely hearing expectations from the mouth of the hiring manager will give you clear picture of what your job may entail. Additionally, asking a question like this implies that you desire to meet (and exceed) the expectations of your job.


What does a typical day look like for this role?

What this question implies: Asking this question during your technical interview will help you envision a day on the job and see a better picture of expectations as well as the role. Hearing a typical day’s schedule from the manager, who is familiar with the role will give you insight onto how the role connects and interacts with other roles within the company as well as with clients and vendors.


What does growth mean to you?

What this question implies: “Growth” The magic word all managers and owners want to hear about their business. The fact that you, as a potential candidate, are interested in the growth of the company shows that you are serious about the goals and mission of the company as well as serious about your role and contribution.


What software do you currently use and want employees to master?

What this question implies: Chances are, if you are in a technical interview, your role entails you being familiar with and using software as part of your job. It’s good to ask if there are any new software programs that the company will be incorporating so that you can either speak to your knowledge on it, or make a mental note to explore that software, should you move forward with the position!


While the above is not an exhaustive list of questions to ask during a technical interview, they are a fantastic start to add to your interview repertoire. As a bonus, we’ve included below three questions you shouldn’t ask in your technical interview.


What is the vacation policy?

What this question implies: asking about paid time off or vacation during an interview shows that you are more interested in the perks of the job, rather than the job itself. Save these questions until after you are hired, or when you are negotiating your offer.


Anything related to the salary.

What this question implies: again, asking questions about the salary implies you are motivated by the dollar signs. There is a perfectly appropriate time and pace to discuss, negotiate and dive into the salary and benefits of the position, but that time is not during your interview.


Questions you could have researched on your own.

What this question implies: asking questions like, how large is the company, who is your competition or how did the company get started, could be answered through a quick google search. Do your research on the company, position and interviewer beforehand to ensure you are well versed in the position.


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