Performance Based Hiring Techniques: What Are They, and Why Do They Matter? 

Three people sitting at an interview.

Performance Based Hiring Techniques: What Are They, and Why Do They Matter? 

“Define the job before defining the person” -Lou Adler 

 When you need to add an employee to your staff, you might reach out to a staffing agency to help with the process. Perhaps they send over a few resumes that, with luck, show a candidate that matches the requirements of your open position. You take a chance, interview, and then hire that person. Hopefully they work out to be a good longterm fit. But what if you could work with a staffing agency that gives you a guarantee of an amazing next hire. Sound too good to be true? Read on to see why Scion Staffing Inc. is more than your average recruitment firm and how we use performancebased hiring techniques to ensure your next hire is a long-term match!  


What are performance based hiring techniques? 

Based on the research of staffing expert, Lou Adler, performance-based hiring techniques get to the heart of the position and move past just the skills a person may need to do the job. Why is this important? Evaluating talent based on solely the skills needed does not give you talent who are the best for the position. Many times, employers can be too focused on the skills and the list of requirementsrather than the history of success a candidate possesses and the actual work that needs to be done. As you shift your focus to finding candidates through this process, you will open yourself up to candidates who are looking for a long-term career opportunity, rather than a lateral temporary position.  


Shift your search. 

You want top employees to be a part of your team. At Scion, we understand that top businesses are made up of top talent. That’s why we’ve shifted the job searching process to dig deep and build our search on finding and connecting with candidates that will exceed your expectations based on their previous performance, rather than finding candidates who have resumes that check your job requirements.  

We know that the best predictor of future behavior is past performance. If you want to hire people who will perform well for you for the longterm, you will need to look for talent who have performed well in the past. This means digging deep into what the applicant has accomplished.


Here’s how we do it.

Step 1 We focus on what the person will need to do within their role and the relevant experience that they have accomplished in their previous roles. This will allow us to find people that will be successful in the role. There is not as strong of correlation of top performers and requirements, as compared to a history of success.  

Step 2:  We will source great talent. We know that the best candidates are not actively looking for work, so we use our connections and network to reach out to the best of the best for our clients.  

Step 3 We then do our due diligenceWe make sure that the candidate is successful and that they have a history of success.   

Step 4Make the close. Part of attracting top candidates is helping them to see your job as their top career move. Top candidates are looking for growth, challenge, and learning opportunities – not just another job. When you show them that you can provide this, you’ll be set yourselves apart from the competition.


Are you ready to attract and find top talent? Let our team at Scion Staffing be your partner today!