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Our nationwide regional offices and remote teams connect groundbreaking communication and PR teams to exceptional direct hire leadership, communications professionals and support staff.

Scion Staffing is a leading recruitment agency specializing in communications talent acquisition. With our extensive experience and industry expertise, we connect businesses with highly skilled professionals who excel in various communication roles. We build top communication and PR teams: one incredible match at a time. Our tenured public relations and communications recruiting agency recruiters deliver experienced candidates quickly for your needs, regardless of the size of your need or timeline. With offices and remote recruitment teams across the nation, we are ready to serve you no matter your zip code or time zone. We are your top PR and communications recruiting firm!

Experts in Recruiting Quality Communications & PR Candidates

It’s no secret that corporate communications and PR play an important role in the success of your company. The role of communications has been transformed by rapidly evolving digital trends and instantaneous social media, as well as by the demand for greater transparency. These trends have been additionally affected by the complex new communications technologies. Ensuring your communications and PR teams are equipped with forward-thinking leaders and employees will take you and your company into the future with success.

Our team of experienced recruiters at Scion understand the complex communications and PR landscapes and create a streamline plan to find an outstanding employment match for our client partners.

Proven Results, Award-Winning Service

We are proud to be an award-winning communications recruiting agency. We have built a national talent pool of communication and PR candidates and are proud to work with impeccable individuals that are a part of our talent network. We’ve designed our award-winning search and recruitment process to provide you with the very best communication and PR talent available to meet the unique needs of your team and business.

Our Specializations in Communications Recruiting

Public Relations: From media relations to crisis management, we connect employers with PR professionals who can enhance your brand’s reputation and effectively manage your organization’s communication strategies.

Marketing Communications: Our recruiters can identify marketing communication experts who excel in crafting compelling campaigns, developing persuasive content, and leveraging digital marketing channels to reach your target audience.

Corporate Communications: Whether you need skilled corporate communicators to handle internal communications, executive messaging, or stakeholder relations, we can find professionals who possess the expertise to navigate complex communication challenges.

Digital and Social Media: We understand the importance of a strong online presence in today’s digital landscape. Our recruitment team can connect you with digital and social media experts who can optimize your digital marketing strategies and engage with your target audience effectively.

Don’t settle for average when it comes to your hiring approach. Let Scion Staffing be your trusted partner in finding top-tier talent in the market who can elevate your organization’s communication strategies to new heights and truly make a difference. Contact us now to discuss your recruiting needs and start your journey towards building a strong communications team!

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Communications Recruiting

What sets Scion apart from the competition?

Industry Expertise: At Scion Staffing, we understand the unique demands of the communications industry and the effects on employer brand identity that a solid PR and communications team can have. Our dedicated team of recruiters possesses in-depth knowledge and networks within this sector, allowing us to identify candidates who possess the right combination of skills, experience, and cultural fit for your organization.

Comprehensive Screening Process: We employ a thorough screening process to ensure we present you with the most qualified candidates and experienced applicants. Our recruiters meticulously review resumes, conduct detailed interviews, and assess candidates’ communication abilities, including verbal, written, and interpersonal skills.

Industry Connections: Over the years, Scion Staffing has built strong relationships with top communication professionals across various industries in both the nonprofit and corporate sectors. Our extensive network and talent pipeline allows us to tap into a national pool of talented job seekers who may not be actively seeking opportunities, giving you access to exceptional talent that other recruiters may overlook.

Customized Solutions: We understand that every organization has unique recruitment needs. Our team works closely with you to gain a deep understanding of your company culture, values, and specific requirements. This enables us to tailor our search and selection process, ensuring that we find the perfect match for your communication roles.

Our Process: Proven to Find the Best Candidates for Your Open Communications Roles

  1. Comprehensive Candidate Assessment: At Scion Staffing, we leave no stone unturned in identifying exceptional candidates for PR and communications roles. Our experienced recruiters conduct thorough assessments that go beyond resumes and cover letters. We delve deep into their expertise, analyzing their proven track record in public relations, strategic communications, media relations, crisis management, and more. This comprehensive approach enables us to present you with candidates who possess the specific skills and experience required to excel in your industry.
  2. Targeted Industry Insights: As an award-winning recruitment firm, we understand that effective PR and communications professionals must have a firm grasp on the unique challenges and dynamics of different industries. That’s why Scion Staffing’s recruitment specialists possess extensive knowledge and insights into various sectors and industries. Whether it’s healthcare, technology, finance, or any other field, we leverage our industry expertise to identify candidates who understand the nuances of your industry, enabling them to effectively communicate your brand’s message to key stakeholders and the public.
  3. Proactive Talent Sourcing: To discover the true gems among PR and communications professionals, we adopt a proactive approach to talent sourcing. Our vast network and strong industry connections allow us to tap into both active and passive job seekers who possess exceptional skills in strategic communications, media relations, content creation, and digital marketing. By actively seeking out talent who may not be actively looking for new opportunities, we expand the pool of potential candidates and provide you with access to top-tier professionals that other recruiters might miss.
  4. Cultural Fit Assessment: In addition to technical expertise, cultural fit is crucial for the long-term success of any PR and communications hire. We understand that finding a candidate who aligns with your company values, vision, and corporate culture is essential for building a cohesive team. Our recruiters take the time to understand your organizational culture and values, ensuring that we present you with candidates who not only possess the required skills but also fit seamlessly into your company’s environment, enhancing collaboration and overall success. This allows you to make the well-informed decisions and find the right person for your team.

PR & Communications Roles We Recruit For


  • Director of Communications
  • VP of Communications
  • Communications Manager
  • Communications Coordinator
  • Communications Specialist
  • Director of Public Relations
  • Public Relations Manager

Public Relations

  • Chief Communications Officer
  • VP of Public Relations
  • Editors
  • Technical Writer
  • Public Relations Assistant
  • Media Manager

Other Roles

  • Public Relations Specialist
  • Internal Communications Manager
  • Remote Communications Assistant
  • Marketing Communications Associate
  • Remote Publicist
  • Spokesperson
  • Other Specialties