Scion Careers

Scion Careers

Scion Staffing is an award-winning national executive search firm, direct hire and temporary staffing agency. We are looking for talent to join our growing internal team across the United States!

Join for the culture. Stay for the people.

Discover who we are at Scion, who we impact and how we thrive.

When we create impact, we begin the powerful ripple effect to change the lives of many through one amazing employment connection.

We know that a job is more than just a paycheck. It can inspire and elevate the path of an individual. Careers have a profound effect. When a job is done right, it can bring boundless personal satisfaction and pride. This is where we thrive.

As part of our mission and service we help passionate professionals and growing employer clients connect and leverage employment opportunities. As socially conscious company, we impact our industry through working to change the way recruitment partners are leveraged. We care. One a daily basis we seek ways to celebrate and elevate our teams’ diverse experience, talent, and passion for the benefit of our clients and the wonderful candidates we the opportunity to represent. We believe in the power of relationships, opportunity, and the power of YOU.

We thrive in helping others find career growth and exceptional employment matches. One placement at a time, we help make the world just a little bit better.  One individual at time we see our positive impact grow.

Scion Defined; Strategic Growth Through Recruiting

The definition of a scion in botany is as defined by Your Dictionary as a detached shoot or bud from a plant that is joined to a rootstock in grafting. It is the spirit of this strategic growth our company was formed. In our recruiting and relationship building it is our aim to grow our clients’ impacts through planned adaptation. We connect and help new entities take form and grow.

Why Build Your Career at Scion

In an industry filled with large employers who do not fully value their staff, Scion Staffing is a shining star of career potential, possibilities, and internal growth opportunities. Unfortunately, our industry is filled with international corporations where staff are treated as numbers. We believe that recruiting is not just a transaction. We believe our jobs have purpose. We care for the people and clients we represent and we are proud to hold true to our mission and values. We are building a truly unique company and are seeking motivated, talented, visionary professionals who believe in socially conscious business practices and seek to gain purpose from their work.

At Scion, you bring your values to do work that matters.

We work with cutting edge companies, brands and mission-driven organizations to accelerate organizational and community impact. Be proud of where you work. We believe in the power of:


We believe diverse teams are more than a strength; they are essential for success. We aim to be proactive in our work to ensure that our application, interview, and hiring processes are inclusive, equitable, and beneficial for all. We practice and promote these values throughout our firm and externally in the partnerships and connections we intentionally create.


We do the right thing. We listen empathically to our candidates, clients, staff, and partners. We communicate honestly, with kindness and respect, and we deliver on our commitments.


We continually refine our services, processes, communication, and operational systems and structures, utilizing ever-evolving technological tools to empower our far-reaching impact and growth. We are humble and embrace individual professional development opportunities to strengthen our company from within.


We take pride in empowering our clients’ strategic hiring goals and connecting extraordinary candidates to new career pathways. We celebrate the opportunity to uplift and improve the futures of individuals and organizations alike.


We are committed to providing value and inspiring others through our work. We believe empathy and positivity fuel effective collaboration. We hold these core values and leverage them at all levels of our organization. Together, we succeed.


We are committed to excellence in everything we do, striving to deliver lasting value to our clients, candidates, partners, and staff. 

What sets us apart from the rest:

  • We are an award-winning firm in the staffing and recruiting industry.
  • Our staff is happy, supported, and culture is strong. We have a 4.9 rating out of 5.0 on Glassdoor.
  • We have a proven history of building and successfully growing our internal staff’s careers, responsibilities, earnings, job satisfaction and impact.
  • We trust our internal staff 120% to lead real impactful work and we provide opportunities for you to leverage your abilities and interests to grow professionally and realize your full potential.
  • We offer flexibility: we have fully remote, hybrid, and offices available for our staff so our team members can be set up for success and work where and how best suits them.
  • We train experts: we mentor, teach, and create industry experts in recruiting, partnerships, and operations. From ongoing training opportunities to professional development, we empower and build our firm from the inside. We are a team of professionals who are high-achieving employees who know how to teach our trade and grow experienced staff members impacts.
  • We are innovative: if you work with Scion Staffing you will also be working with the most cutting-edge recruitment tools and have access to the leading resources to be successful. From automation, to chat bots, and compelling communication technology tools our staff has what they need to succeed!
  • We are proven. We are not a dinosaur like our behemoth staffing competition but we are also not a startup. Our award-winning firm has been dominating markets and growing our impact for the past fifteen years.
  • We are positive. We have fun while we work. We love our industry and are experts in search and recruitment. Relationships are paramount in our work. We support one another. We are kind. We are driven. And we push each other to be the best we can be while also enjoying each day.
  • Everyone is welcome. At Scion we build, maintain, and promote an environment where our employees are comfortable bringing their authentic self to work. Diversity. Equity. Inclusion. These are much more than just words for us. They are hard-and-fast principles guiding how we build our teams, cultivate leaders, and create a company that’s the right fit for every person inside of it.
  • Opportunity is abundant. We are a growing modern firm that is expanding across the US. We aim to change our industry and make the employees the central focus of the impact we can create. We see our team all as leaders, who have voices that we aim to amplify!

Our Compensation and Benefits Plans Are Top Notch


We offer strong earning and growth opportunities. We provide:

  • -Strong competitive base salaries
  • -Annual raises (every one of our staff members have been given a raise each and every year they have been with us)
  • -Company bonuses
  • -Immediate uncapped competitive commissions with no minimums for recruiting and partnerships teams
  • -A PTO that increases the longer you work for us that grows up to four weeks a year
  • -11 paid holidays every year in addition to vacation
  • -Significant sick time of 8.5 days a year
  • -Family leave coverage
  • -100% paid/covered individual health benefits (you pay zero!)
  • -Additional healthcare contribution support for dependents
  • -Paid day off for your birthday
  • -Work/life balance
  • -Annual team multi-day team retreat
  • -Annual holiday extravaganza
  • -Schedules to support your work/life balance
  • -A team-oriented, supportive environment to work in
  • -Partial cell phone and internet monthly financial contributions
  • -Life insurance
  • -Long term / Short term disability insurance
  • -401k plan with employer contribution
  • -Salaried full-time roles
  • -Significant career advancement opportunities
  • -Remote, hybrid and flexible working options

Opportunity Knocks!

Scion Staffing has internal opportunities for motivated and passionate professional who are seeking a mission oriented and role at a company that truly values it people! Since we were founded in 2006,  Scion Staffing has been a leader in our respective industry and we are devoted to growing our firm following socially conscious business practices as well as partnering with our communities and clients through innovative recruiting services. We are hiring fully remote, hybrid and onsite team members in numerous states including (but not limited to) Oregon, Washington, California, Colorado, Arizona, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Connecticut, Texas, Ohio & Illinois. 

Open Career Opportunities Now Hiring!

We are actively recruiting and hiring for experienced and passionate professionals in Recruitment, Partnerships and Leadership. To view Scion’s open career opportunities, please click here

To learn more about joining the Scion Staffing team, please send an email to! We look forward to hearing from you!

Inside Scion Life


Our team is filled with passionate, open, kind, supportive individuals who are driven to be the best in our industry. Our team members work in close knit teams, while also providing ample space for individual leadership and career growth. We believe the only limitation in our staff’s abilities and roles are themselves.

We invest into our team and building our culture. From our robust benefits package to incredible holiday parties and retreats, we find ways to connect and have fun while simultaneously growing our incredible business and team. We provide learning and training opportunities and continue to invest in amazing tools and technology to keep our firm at the top of our game.

We are thrilled to have such little staff turnover on our teams. We attribute our success to the incredible leaders who are growing our company as well as the passion for socially conscious business we embrace. We know that as we grow our company, we are able to progress salaries and financial rewards for our team. It is our great pleasure to see and grow our teams’ financial earnings.

We believe that all voices should be heard. Instead of top-down leadership our servant leadership model provides space for all to innovate, provide ideas for company improvements, no matter our staff level or position. We are not your average company or recruiting firm. We seek to run our company to benefit the people within it.

Many of our team members are close friends and supporters of each other professionally. We believe in each other and aim to continually create an environment where everyone is free to be their unique selves and the differences and diversity in our staff and company are celebrated.