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 Award-Winning Executive Search Firm, Direct-Hire Recruiting & Temporary Staffing Agency

Our Firm & Services 

Since 2006, Scion has been an industry leader providing highly effective staffing and recruiting services to corporations, businesses, and organizations. We provide staffing and recruiting for all US cities and remote locations. With offices and teams nationwide from New York to San Francisco, we provide exceptional immediate local and national talent connections to empower your hiring.  Along with our professional staffing and recruiting division, Scion has six specialized divisions ready to support your hiring needs. Our national recruiting presence provides the best talent on the market in your region for your industry. From executive search, to direct-hire recruiting, to temporary staffing, Scion will deliver the talent you need to be successful no matter your location.


Nationwide Direct Hire Recruiting & Temporary Staffing Services.



IT, Engineering & Technical Staffing |  Technology Executive Search.

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Specialized Creative Recruiting & Staffing for All US Locations.

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Temporary and Permanent Staffing for Nonprofits, Foundations & Schools.

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Medical and Healthcare Staffing for Temporary & Direct Hire Staff.


Executive Search Services For Corporations, Startups & Nonprofits.

About Scion

Scion Staffing takes its name from a scion: the portion of a plant which, when attached to a new foundation, can grow new life. We thrive in connecting industry-leading corporations, innovative startups, inspirational brands, and mission-driven nonprofit organizations with impeccable talent.

With a comprehensive approach to staffing solutions, Scion is your partner for executive-level recruitment, temporary staffing services, contract-to-hire staff, as well as contingent direct-hire search needs. We deliver exceptional results at all levels. That is also why the Business Times has recognized Scion as a top firm in Retained, Contingent, and Temp Staffing over the last 17 years running and we were recently awarded to the list of Best Executive Recruiting Firms nationally and globally by Forbes as well as the Inc. 5000 Top Fastest-Growing Private Companies in America, and The ClearlyRated Best of Staffing Award!

We support our devoted clients and top-tier candidates to find the perfect mutual employment match. Whether you are seeking the best talent in your industry or are pursuing your next amazing career opportunity, we can help. Our regional agency offices are prepared to serve you nationwide; our recruiters are deeply connected within local employment communities and networks.

We provide complete direct-hire recruitment and temp staffing agency services across the US including:

  • Executive Search Services
  • Direct-Hire Staffing / Contingent Search
  • Temporary Staffing Services
  • Temp-To-Hire Staffing
  • Interim Leadership Search / Placement
  • National Employer of Record Service & Payrolling Services

Whether you need to hire permanent staff for an entire division, or just one impactful temp professional we can help immediately! We stand ready to provide the specialized staff you need to keep your business operating smoothly at maximum capacity. Our knowledgeable and practiced recruiters are here to support you in all employment types! Scion is committed to first-rate quality and service as demonstrated at every level of our agency. Contact a proven staffing professional today to get started.

Our Recruiting & Staffing Services


Executive Search
As a recruiting specialist in chief executive and senior level positions, we understand that the ability to attract the right leaders is the most important strategy an employer can implement. Our national executive pipeline is second to none!


Direct Hire Recruiting
We utilize our national pool of incredible candidates for an efficient talent pipeline delivered to you quickly. All clients are provided carefully selected and reliable professionals with proven experience who are excited to work on your team!


Temporary Staffing
We specialize in finding the best temporary matches for your brand and business. Our immediate recruiting services and ongoing support ensures that your temporary employees are effective & successful. Our team makes temporary staffing easy. 


Remote Staffing & Recruiting
Regardless of your of office location, we have a vast reach of reliable remote candidates for your business or team. From virtual assistants to remote executive leaders, we have you covered.


Why Choose Scion

Scion Staffing is an award-winning national recruiting and staffing agency. Our firm—with offices and teams located across the United States—is deeply rooted and well-networked within local and national executive, management and support sectors. We implement our exclusive processes and proven search strategies to identify exceptional professionals on your behalf.

It is our goal and ultimate mission to provide our devoted clients extraordinary talent who are a perfect fit for your team and strategic goalsThe secret to our success stems from our commitment to service excellence. At Scion, we are focused on providing you with incredible talent options that match your unique professional requirements and workplace culture. No preconceived notions – we listen and then connect you to the employees you need expediently and with thoughtful care.

The foundation of Scion is rooted in the relationships we have mindfully cultivated with Impressive individuals, successful businesses, and impactful organizations. We offer our clients an unparalleled reach into national, statewide, and local public networks with over 14,000,000 candidate options as well as an expansive pool of privately networked professionals that continues to grow each day.

Our staffing divisions serve six distinct areas: (1) Corporate, (2) IT & Technical, (3) Nonprofit & Education, (4) Health & Medical, (5) Creative and (6) Executive Search. Within each Scion division, our expert recruiters specialize in providing placements across a variety of departments including administrative, finance, human resources, DEI, operations, information technology, engineering, creative and design, sales/business development, legal, marketing, communications, nonprofit and education, manufacturing, customer service and more.

From executive leadership, direct-hire recruiting to general temporary staffing needs, we stand ready to connect you to the proven talent you have been searching for!

Our Exceptional National Recruitment Record

Scion Staffing was designed to serve corporations and organizations nationwide. We recruit for and staff an array of industries, services, missions, and technologies. Ranging from rapidly growing international brands and services to mission-driven nonprofits, we actively recruit within competitive markets and assist employers seeking experienced, diverse, and strong candidate options for hire. Our regionally located offices provide top-tier local and nationwide talent connections. Our national candidate network is truly second to none and filled with a diverse selection of proven professionals looking for the next long-term employment challenge.

Our passion for our work, clients and candidates alike are what propels our firm. Clients choose to partner with Scion over and over again for this very reason. Each placement to us is an opportunity to make a long-term partnership both with our clients and with the candidates we represent. Too many recruiting agencies view placements in a transactional manner. Our corporate philosophy values ethics, innovation, socially conscious business practices, diversity, and the people that we have the great opportunity to serve! We employ cutting edge recruiting technologies and modern recruiting approaches to drive the best possible candidate pools for our clients. That is how we lead our industry in recruiting and staffing. We focus on our clients’ needs, our ethics, and employ innovation to attract the best talent in the market at all times. Choose Scion and we will work tirelessly as your partner, advocate, and matchmaker.

We highly value diversity and continually aim to provide services that are as inclusive and equitable as possible. Diversity, for our firm, is more than just a term. We actively source and provide exceptional diverse candidate pools for our clients. We are experts in diversity recruitment and executive search. We are extremely thankful for the diversity of our internal staff and leadership that enables us to be at the top of our game and continue to lead our industry with great skill and varying perspectives.

The world and business markets are changing around us constantly. For organizations, continually being competitive in employing a proven and robust recruiting strategy to attract the best talent on the market, has never been more important. In the modern world of job seeking, candidates have more options than ever before. But, the need to find the right fit for your team has not changed. Allow Scion to be your storyteller in the market and we will bring forth the best talent for your team. With our expert recruiting and creative approaches, our clients are attaining faster and better hiring results, increased retention rates, and exponential growth. We literally exist to connect you to the exact industry-experienced talent your business requires. No search is too difficult, no order is too complex. This is where we live. This is what drives us. We thrive in connecting you to proven permanent and temp talent, a true fit, and a match that exceeds all expectations.


Award-Winning Recruiting

Scion Staffing is very proud to be regarded as a leading firm in our industry. Less than one percent of search firms were awarded to the Forbes List of leading search firms in the United States and globally. We are thankful to Forbes for our recent recognition and the Business Times for its inclusion of the Scion recruitment divisions as a top service over the past 15 years running. Scion Staffing has also been featured by the Ladders, CBS News, and a number of media news outlet for our expertise and knowledge of local, statewide, and national markets across the United States.

As a leader in the executive search, contingent recruitment and temporary staffing industry, we actively participate in national, statewide, and local employment events in addition to continually finding ways to give back the communities we serve. We are proud to be a recruitment firm that employs socially conscious business practices while leveraging industry leading modern recruitment centered technology. We have helped thousands upon thousands of employees and organizations connect and grow together. The impact we make in the business community and the people we directly help are what makes our work worth leading. We are passionate recruiters that work tirelessly to support our clients.

Commitment to Service & Excellence

We are highly committed to providing first rate customer service and quality delivery of our many services. As a socially conscious staffing firm, we aim to help our dedicated clients hire the best talent on the market while assisting job seekers in their search as well! We take every opportunity possible in our recruitment efforts to directly advocate for and counsel the candidates we represent. While we cannot directly support every job seeker interested in our firm and services, we are 100% devoted to providing thoughtful customer service to every client and candidate we have the pleasure to connect with. We aim to aid our local community while assisting employers in finding perfect-match candidates. At each step of the partnership with our clients, our agency seeks to continuously be the best resource in the industry. That is also why we conduct our business via the core values of quality, integrity, passion, character, diversity, humanity, partnership, and innovation. For more information regarding our corporate ideology and core business practices please visit our Mission & Values.

We appreciate you taking the time to learn about Scion and thank you for considering us as your partner in recruiting! To start a search for a new staff member or for more information about our services please contact us today.

Our Proven Experience

Scion Staffing has led thousands of successful searches and has made highly successful placements in a wide variety of industries in each and every state across the nation. The candidates we represent are true professionals; we are experts at matching their talents, motivations, and passions to the service and goals of your entity.

We are experts in diversity recruitment and highly skilled at cultivating, building and providing diverse and industry specific candidate pools for employment consideration. As recruitment experts in our local, statewide, and national communities, we provide incredible reach into diverse populations, sectors, and candidate groups nationwide and beyond.

The initiation of each candidate search is an opportunity for organizational advancement, growth, and reflection. It is our ambition to assist your team and ease any difficulties within the hiring process and your upcoming plans for growth. As a nationally proven staffing firm with regionally located offices across the United States we stand ready to immediately fill any number of openings on your team.

As proven experts in recruitment, we understand the importance of hiring experienced candidates who are exceptionally skilled at what they do! In addition to being inspired by your work, it is critical that any candidate you consider also possess the experience and personal interest specifically aligned to the unique culture of your working environment.

We stand ready to deliver best in class candidate talent for your consideration immediately!