Why Using Keywords are the Key to Your Job Search

Man working at his computer on a desk with a dark blue wall behind him. Looking up keywords for his job search.

Why Using Keywords are the Key to Your Job Search

Keywords: you’ve likely heard of using keywords in SEO (search engine optimization) to boost a site’s ranking and visibility. But, have you heard of using keywords in your resume to enhance your job search? Having an online presence is becoming more important to connect with potential hiring managers and businesses and establishing yourself in SEO rankings can be extremely helpful as you network and search for your next opportunity. We’re here to share why and how to use keywords to enhance your job search.

Keywords you want to include:

Your name. Think about it, you include your name in your resume, online portfolio, LinkedIn profile and more. Your name is an easy to search keyword, so ensure that it is searchable and easy to find. How? Be consistent with your name. Don’t shorten, change or use nicknames on different platforms- this will ensure that your name is easy to find throughout all of your platforms.

Your industry: You’ll want to list your targeted or current industry (using up to date terms) to make this easy to search for recruiters or hiring managers. Include industry names and titles within your resume and LinkedIn.

Target Job Title: When searching for a new job, you’ll likely know what title you are targeting. If you’re not sure what title to use, for example Executive Assistant or Senior Administrative Assistant include both with a slash in between so that you can capture both potential titles.

Location: You can be as precise or vague as you’d like. Some things to think about including: your state, city, town or even a zip code. If you are targeting a specific region on location for your next job, this will help narrow down who you hear from.

Skills, software and specific industry tools: Including software that you’ve mastered is extremely important to be searchable by keywords. If you’ve mastered particular software for accounting, marketing, recruitment, project management, or whatever field you are searching it, that is valuable information for recruiters to know and search! Additionally, if there are skills you have that will set you apart from the rest, be sure to include those.


Using keywords in your job search and making sure your resume, LinkedIn and social media are easily searchable for keywords will help you immensely! For more information or to find your next opportunity, head to our job board for our latest openings!