How to Market Yourself For Your Dream Job 

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How to Market Yourself For Your Dream Job 

You want to shine when searching for your dream job. To do that, you’ll need to be strategic in how and when you market yourself. We understand that sticking out as a top candidate in a sea of talent can feel daunting but with these tips below, we hope you feel prepared to connect with and land your dream job!


Understand Your Target Audience

Regardless of the type of job or industry you are seeking, you’ll need to do a bit of market research to key into and understand the key decision makers in that field, and how you’ll need to approach them. Google is always a safe bet to start with: looking up people in your network or at a specific company you are targeting. Additionally, once you’ve identified specific people and/or industries, reaching out for an information interview can give you valuable information about the company and industry, which you’ll be able to tuck away for when you have a formal interview.


Prep Your Answers

As you network, connect with and interview at companies, you’ll want to be able to fully articulate why you are drawn to these specific companies, which is often based on shared values or common goals. For example, a company may emphasize continuous learning, and you are looking for growth and intellectual stimulation. Learn about the company and go a step further by prepping thoughtful questions you can ask during the interview.


Understand and Share Your Value

How do you stand out from your competition? Going into any interview or conversation, you want to be able to clearly share about yourself, your values, interests, skills, experience, accomplishments and personality to show how this combination of factors makes you uniquely qualified for the prospective position over the competition. As you lead an authentic job search, connect who you are with what you do; doing so will not only give you a better ability to land your dream job, but you will feel more engaged and happier later on in your job. Write down your transferable skills, these are often acquired during volunteer or leadership positions in a career break. Organization, writing, project management, communication, or leadership skills are all highly valued by hiring managers.


Follow Up

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: writing a thank you note goes a long way. Not only is it polite and thoughtful, it’s an easy way to put your name in front of the hiring manager. Regardless of it you send a note digitally or through the mail, this will help you stay connected after an informational interview – or help you land your dream job!


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