Hottest Roles in Operations for 2022

Hottest Roles in Operations for 2022

Hottest Roles in Operations for 2022

Operations roles are some of the most important jobs for success in a company. Operations jobs can be defined as positions that focus on helping an organization run smoothly by using interpersonal, communication with individuals and teams, and project management skills. Typically, people who work in operations need to learn how to implement various business strategies and experience to help strengthen business performance. While operations positions aren’t industry-specific, this means that there is a plethora of opportunities in different industries for a number of roles. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the most popular operation roles and jobs that are currently hot in the market. Recently, we dove into the hottest roles for finance and accounting, you can read more about that here!

What is Operations?

To put it simply, positions that are in operations help make an organization run smoothly. An operations position contributes to making an organization run more efficiently and helps keep costs down. The majority of large companies have a department for Operations, whether it’s called “Operations” or something else like “Business Operations” or “Global Operations”. Sometimes, this department can overlap with other departments and personnel such as marketing, logistics, and supply chain.

Some basic skills for roles in Operations can include some or all of the following:

  • Attention to detail – A strong attention to detail can help someone in Operations oversee and make improvements to the efficiency and productivity of their department and others.
  • Communication and interpersonal skills– These skills are crucial to effectively interact and collaborate with employees from different departments, both upper and lower-level.
  • Project management skills– Strong project management skills allow for the delegation of various tasks to employees based on their strengths, interests, and abilities.
  • Problem-solving and critical thinking skills– Having critical thinking and problem-solving skills can help overcome departmental challenges and create new strategies to enhance performance and profit.

Now, we’ll break down some of the hottest current roles in Operations for job seekers.

Hottest Roles in Operations for 2022

Operations Manager

Average Annual Salary: $73,000

An operations manager helps oversee a company’s productivity and efficiency levels. The main duties of the manager include overseeing and managing budgets and finances, staffing, handling workflow processes, managing inventory, building or remote working policies for the whole company to follow. An Operations Manager also helps develop long-term excellence initiatives and assists other upper-level managers with developing strategies.

Operations Specialist

Average Annual Salary: $50,800

One of the main supporting roles in the Operations department is that of the Operations Specialist. This role is for experienced Operations professionals that work closely with senior management to help improve the overall workflow and daily business activities. Their duties also include developing company improvement plans, assisting with changes and improvements within departments, and assessing the performance of other employees.

Director of Operations

Average Annual Salary: $100,200

The Director of Operations is a role that assists senior team members with creating long-term business strategies and success plans. They work closely with executive members to plan objectives for the improvement of employee performance, evaluate the performance of staff members, and find ways to motivate their employees to implement strategies to improve growth. They can also be responsible for monitoring workflow and ensuring optimal productivity. This role can often be called the Chief Operating Officer (COO) in larger companies, but the COO role can include some duties that the Director of Operations doesn’t necessarily have.

Chief Operating Officer

Average Annual Salary: $308,600

The Chief Operating Officer (COO) has similarities to the Director of Operations role as we previously stated. The COO helps manage the day-to-day operations and logistics of an organization. The biggest difference between the COO and director role is that the COO is a senior executive, meaning they work directly with the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to implement strategies and projects to help the company run at a high level. They must be very aware of the organization’s financial procedures to make sure they are running efficiently.

Main responsibilities of a COO include coming up with ideas for both the marketing and sales team to retain customers, create realistic goals to help increase revenue and finding other tools like software and other programs to help improve efficiency levels.

Project Manager

Average Annual Salary: $85,900

The role of a project manager is an important one for the Operations department. They help oversee and manage various projects within a department and an organization. Part of their responsibility is to monitor their team members’ progress in a project to make sure they not only reach but exceed the goals of both the client and the company. The main responsibilities of the project manager also include reviewing tasks to ensure it meets standards set by either the company or their client, delegating tasks to the necessary team members and reporting project results to leadership teams and clients.

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