Back to Basics: How to Stand Out to Human Resources

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Back to Basics: How to Stand Out to Human Resources

For job applicants that find themselves getting an interview for their dream job, they find themselves in a competitive field battling against other candidates that may come from a similar background or may seem to be more qualified for the position. Because of this, it’s important for you to stand out as much as possible to the hiring manager or the human resources employee that is conducting your interview. In such a competitive job market with many different candidates coming in for job interviews, it can be a bit overwhelming to think about your answers to common interview questions as well as having to think about how you portray yourself as a legitimate candidate for the role. It’s very important to make an impactful impression on the human resources employee that is running the interview, so in this article, we will break down some of the best ways to stand out to human resources in your next interview and land that dream job!

What does it mean to stand out in an interview?

Standing out doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to do or say something that leaves an impression on the manager or interviewer. It’s about making your impression unforgettable. There are multiple ways to accomplish this like showing off your professionalism, how much you know about the company or organization you’re applying to, or that your set of soft skills are a must-have in the work environment.

Ways to Stand Out to Human Resources

In this section, we will cover some of the best ways to stand out in your application or interview process, as well as share some important interview skills that can help you stand out to the human resources manager or team leaders conducting your interview.

Do Your Homework

It has been shown that candidates and applicants who have done excellent research on the company they’re applying to and the market the company is in tend to excel in the hiring process. Having proper knowledge and context of what the company does allows the candidate to test their fit and impress the employer. Doing solid research and coming to the interview with a list of questions that are knowledgeable can make an impression on the interviewer. Make sure to research the company’s values or mission statement beforehand as well to show that you fully understand their values and offer a solution to an example problem through the lens of their values.

Arrive to the Interview on Time

This tip should be a no-brainer for any applicant, but it is still an extremely important way to catch the eye of human resources, or the manager involved in the hiring process. Arriving in advance also gives you a chance to compose yourself, go over any questions you may have for the interviewer, and go over any notes about yourself and your past work experiences.

Make a Memorable Impact

A lot of hiring decisions can be based on feelings, so it’s important to do something memorable in your interview that leaves a lasting impression. Not something outlandish that could get you taken out of the running, but something that leaves a positive impression. For example, if you are at an in-person interview consider leaving something for the hiring managers like a portfolio of your best works, a box of delicious cookies, or something for the staff as a whole. For virtual interviews, do as much research on your interviewers as possible to find similarities between you and them, such as if they went to the same college as you or are from the same city as you are.

Ask Questions, Ask Bold Questions

During a typical interview you may be asked towards the end of the interview if you have any questions for the interviewers. This is an opportunity for you as the candidate to learn more about the company, what their vision is, and any ideas they may have for the future. Asking questions shows that you are interested in the company and have a strong desire to work for them. Try to stay away from questions about salaries, benefits, and compensation, but still try to ask some bold questions.

Here are some examples of common questions to ask in your interview:

  • “Are there opportunities for growth?”
  • “What teams will I work with the most?”
  • “Is there anything about me or my work experience that concerns you about my match for this position?”
  • “How do you measure success in this role?”
  • “What does a normal day look like for this position?”

Because of how competitive the job market can be, asking bold questions can make you stand out to a hiring team. Don’t be afraid to ask straightforward questions. For example, asking about company culture is a great way to stand out because you’re showing that culture and work environment are important to you as a candidate.

Show Off Your Leadership Skills

Taking initiative is a great soft skill to possess. Companies value employees that are not afraid of being an independent worker or being a self-starter or even having the confidence to make a serious decision that could have an impact on the business. During your interview, talk about examples of projects that you have taken the lead on. Even if you faced hardships during the project, thoroughly explain how you prevailed through and made the project a success. This will exemplify your leadership capabilities and show human resources that you can properly manage a team or project through a difficult period.

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