FAQ: Where Are the Best Places to Post Your Job?

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FAQ: Where Are the Best Places to Post Your Job?


When you’ve decided to add a new member to your team, it can be daunting to know where to post your job to attract the best and brightest talent. As a recognized leader in staffing and recruitment, our team at Scion Staffing has a pulse on the best places to post your jobs. Below, we’ve put together a list as a resource for your team!

The first that you’ll want to do after you’ve posted the internal open position to your website is post your opportunity on LinkedIn. With hundreds of thousands of candidates actively on LinkedIn, it is vital to post your position there and engage with them. After posting the job to your organization’s LinkedIn page, ask employees to share and send the post to their connections. Word of mouth is often a wonderful way to connect with an ideal candidate.

Is your brand or business active on social media? If so, consider posting your job opportunity to any of your appropriate social media channels; your organization’s Facebook, Glassdoor, Instagram or Twitter accounts. Just like LinkedIn, posting your position on additional job boards is helpful to cast your net wide. Trusted job boards such as Indeed, Zip Recruiter, Glassdoor and Google Jobs.


Is your job specific to an industry? Read on for our resources:


Foundation List, is a national nonprofit job board designed for the not for profit sector. It is a trusted resource for Nonprofits to post your jobs and openings so that they can be posted and viewed by potential applicants there.

Technical & Creative

Specific Tech job boards are helpful to post your job on as they attract a specific audience- who likely has the qualifications that you are looking for. Posting your job on Angel List, Github, Dice and Stackoverflow are great options.

Additionally, connecting with local meet up groups as well as design boards can assist in reaching local qualified talent if you are targeting a specific region.



Regardless of if you are hiring for a position in the Corporate, Technical, Creative, Nonprofit, Medical fields, or are looking to engage in an Executive Search, we have talented recruiters ready to partner with you as your team grows. Contact us today!