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The Leadership Positions We Recruit

Scion Executive Search Services

We lead searches for all US locations and remote. From the most competitive expanding corporations and national brands to emerging markets our executive recruiters are experts at placing a diverse range of executive talent in your industry.

Specialized Executive Search For Your Industry:

At Scion, we specialize in the executive recruitment of exceptional national c-level and senior organizational leadership.  It is our mission to provide our clients with extraordinary talent for hire that will expand your business capabilities and realize your strategic goals. Our experience is vast and industry wide. Our geographical recruitment networks are limitless.

We thrive in recruiting your ideal leaders and executives and we have decades of experience stewarding entities during formation, expansion, and reorganization. As an award-winning executive search firm we stand ready to leverage our vast executive candidate network, online and social recruitment candidate pipelines, and robust networking capabilities to exceed your expectations!

We Provide:

Our Executive Search Team is proud to provide a robust private national executive candidate network of exceptional leadership to all of our clients. We have expert executive search leadership and market knowledge. Our award-winning service and support is a reliable resource for our clients to gain a talented and diverse pool of executive leaders to hire.

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We Provide: A robust private national executive candidate network of exceptional leadership. Expert executive search leadership and market knowledge. Award-winning service and support. A reliable resource to quickly gain a talented and diverse pool of executive leaders to hire. Executive leadership candidates matched to your strategic needs and market. A guaranteed hire.

Our nationwide Executive Search Principals are expert recruiters and specialize in the following industries:

Corporate: Comprehensive executive searches for visionary organizational leaders. From Inc. 500 to growing brands. 

Technology, Engineering & Startup: C-level executives and experienced leaders for large to smaller growing competitive technology, engineering, and startup team.

Consumer Markets & Retail: executive search leadership for retail, consumer markets, product-based companies, and related services.

Financial Services & Investment: Exceptional financial leadership within national and international financial service companies, banks, investment funds, start-ups, real estate and more. 

Health & Wellness: Executive search for health product companies, personal care, beauty, anti-aging, health food, fitness, and wellness companies.

Transportation, Logistics & Supply Chain: National and global executive and senior level transportation, logistics, supply chain, procurement, and distribution talent for retail, food & beverage, consumer products, healthcare, and delivery services.

Electronics & Manufacturing: Proven leaders for consumer electronics, emerging technology, manufacturing, and innovative growing brands and products. 

Legal, Insurance & Professional Services: National and international law firms, accounting firms, insurance companies, architecture firms, and search for licensed executives. 

Advertising, Marketing & PR: Executive search for leading adverting, consulting, public relations and marketing firms, products, web, and e-commerce companies.

Media & Entrainment: This search practice includes employers driving the creative economy including film, television, radio, music, games, publishing, blogs, podcasts and more. Robust network of media, communications, entertainment, production, and technology-based executives both nationally and internationally. 

Hospitality: Executive Search professional executive and departmental leadership for the hospitality industry spanning global and national hotels, resorts, senior living, clubs, recreation, spas, and brands.

Energy/Renewable Energy: Top leadership talent across the sector within clean energy, renewable energy, wind, solar and global energy markets.

Scientific & Research: Executive search for scientific and research executives, departmental leaders and experts for research institutions, laboratories, biotech, life-science, and scientific organizations. 

Healthcare & Medical: From the C-suite to team leaders executive recruiting on behalf of hospitals, clinics, health nonprofits, and medical corporations.

Nonprofit: Executive leadership searches for nonprofit organizations, foundations, associations and more.

Education: Comprehensive national searches for education leadership for universities, schools, and educational organizations.

Government: National and local government leadership network. Searches for federal and state agencies and local government positions.  

We Lead Comprehensive and Expedient Executive Searches For the Following Positions

(Our industry expertise is vast. This sample list below is not a complete list of search engagement competencies.)


  • Finance & Financial Service Leadership: Chief Finance Officer (CFO), Chief Revenue Officer (CRO), Chief Accounting Officer, Vice President/Director of Finance, Vice President/Director of Accounting, department leadership specialties within finance, financial services, accounting, audit, risk, tax, investment, financial planning and analysis.


  • Operations & Administration Leadership: Chief Operations Officer (COO), Vice President of Operations, Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), Chief of Staff and department leadership in operations, facilities, and administration.


  • Human Resource & DEI Leadership: Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO), Chief People Office, VP/Director of Human Resources, Chief of Diversity, DEI Director and department leadership within talent human resources and DEI specialties.


  • Talent Acquisition: Chief Recruitment Officer, Chief Talent Acquisition Officer, VP of Talent Acquisition, Director of Talent Acquisition, Talent Acquisition Management.


  • Sales & Business Development: Chief Sales Officer (CSO), Chief Revenue Officer (CRO), Chief Customer Officer (CCO), Chief Strategy Officer (CSO), Vice President of Sales, Director of Sales and leadership roles in sales, business development, account management and more.


  • Customer Success & Customer Support: Vice President of Customer Success, Vice president/Director of Customer Support, Vice president/Director of Customer Service, Director of Customer Success, and leadership management roles in customer success and customer service and more.


  • Legal & Compliance Officers: Chief Legal Officer (CLO), General Counsel, Vice President of Legal Affairs, department leadership in legal and compliance.


  • Supply Chain & Consumer Package Goods (CPG) & Logistics Leadership: International Chief Executives, Chief Supply Chain Officer (CSCO), Vice President of Supply Chain Management, Global Supply Chain Management, Vice President of Business Operations, Director of Business Operations, Procurement Director, Supply Chain Management, Global Commodities Director/Manager, Logistics Management, Facilities Director/Manager, Program Manager, eCommerce Director, Category Manager, Brand Manager, Domestic Managers, and other management positions.


  • Communications & Public Relations Officers: Public Relations Executive/Officer, Chief Communications Officer (CCO) VP/Director of Public Relations, VP/Director of Public Affairs, VP/Director of media Relations, and department leadership in communications, public relations, content, media management and social media.


  • Marketing, Product & Digital Leadership: Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Chief Digital Officer (CDO), Chief Product Officer (CPO), Vice President of Marketing, Vice President of Product, and department leadership in marketing, product, and digital roles.


  • Engineering & IT Officers: Chief Engineer, VP of Engineering, VP of IT, and department leadership in engineering and information technology.


  • Research & Scientific Leadership: Chief Research Officer (CRO), VP/Director of Research, Scientific and Research Specialties and department leadership in research, data, and analytics.


  • Statistics, Data & Analytics: Chief Analytics Officer (CAO), Chief Data Officer (CDO), VP/Director of Data, VP/Director of Analytics, Senior Data Scientist and department leadership in stats, data, and analytics.


  • Industry Specialties: We lead search for key executive roles for each of our industries of specialization as seen at the top of this page. For each of our service areas we connect leadership for your market and out for your specific industry.

What Sets Us Apart:

  • -Our executive candidate pipeline offers a reach to over 14,000,000+ global and national executive candidate options.
  • -We provide unparalleled reach into diverse candidate pools of exceptional executives ranging a wide array of industries and specialties.
  • -We boast a 98% retention rate for our placed Senior Management executives and cultivate long term executive partnerships and placements.
  • -In every candidate slate we cultivate, Scion provides industry specific leadership from a diversity of backgrounds ready to exceed expectations.
  • -Named an Inc. 5000 Top Fastest-Growing Private Company in America, we are proud to be part of the list of Best Executive Recruiting Firms in the World and US by Forbes and recognized for our work by the Business Times for over fifteen years running.