Our Proven Ten-Step Executive Search Process

Our Proven Ten-Step Executive Search Process

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We Thrive In Placing Exceptional Executive Leadership Who Can Successfully Exceed Your Strategic Goals.

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We offer the most expedient, comprehensive executive search solutions in the business. With over 14,000,000+ candidate options you can be confident that you will find an exceptional leader who enhances the culture of your team. Tell us your goals and timeline and our expert executive recruiters will take care of the rest. All aspects of the search and placement are taken care of for you.

Our firm was founded and designed to deliver hiring results you can count on. We understand that your time is valuable; we ask the right questions the first time around to ensure that our engaged recruitment team will quickly understand your objectives to deliver a group of candidates worthy of final consideration for your role.

A Socially Conscious Approach for Executive Searches

Scion is an award-winning national executive search firm for the United States that leverages modern socially conscious business approaches to ensure best results and your ultimate client satisfaction. Our firm is highly skilled at building robust and diverse executive executive talent options for our clients. We believe diverse, equitable & inclusive recruitment practices are foundational to the success of not only Scion, but every business and organization that we have the opportunity to partner with.

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Our recruitment experts stand ready to quickly build and deliver your dream candidate pool. The Scion executive candidate network is vast, national, global, and comprised of the best available executive talent on the market in your industry.  Tell us more about your hiring goals and we will immediately execute an expedient comprehensive search offering communication and dedication in every step of the way. To connect with one of our executive search experts, please contact us. We look forward to the prospect of recruiting for you and making your organizational hiring goals an attainable reality! We are to help you bridge the executive talent gap and drive results.

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The following is a brief overview of our proven ten-step executive search recruitment process:

Step 1: Analysis – We quickly learn, plan, and immediately create a successful recruitment schedule you may rely on that meets your goals and hiring timeline. We investigate the position, your business, the aptitude requirements, position responsibilities, and your organizational structure and environment.

Step 2: Recruiting – We leverage and tap into our exclusive network of leadership candidates. Scion perpetually networks with our talented leaders throughout our national and global networks.

Step 3: Networking – We cast a wide net and are skilled headhunters. We connect with the movers and shakers on a confidential level. Scion employs proven networking techniques to engage and retain exceptional candidates and build diverse and proven executive candidate networks.

Step 4: Screening – We are skilled. Our streamlined process allows us to distinctly identify each prospective candidate’s profile and portfolio including their goals, motivations, career aspirations, and overall accomplishments in relation to the position.

Step 5: Evaluation – We are thorough and thoughtful. We seek an ideal alliance between candidate’s past experience, interests, and prowess, to the likely challenges and responsibilities of the new role.

Step 6: Candidate Presentations – We deliver. Upon completion of our Analysis, Recruitment, Networking, Screening, and Evaluation stages, we provide detailed profiles of the most qualified semi-final candidates.

Step 7: Client Interviews – We schedule and support you. All of the administrative details of booking the talent for the executive search are included in our service.

Step 8: Final Candidate Selection – We carefully recommend and answer your questions. Our executive search recruiters will assist in debriefing your leadership as needed and are available to identify additional candidates, if necessary.

Step 9: Reference & Background Checking – We are detailed. While completing this portion of our search process, we actively engage candidates and meticulously verify references to ensure candidate quality and consistency.

Step 10: Final Offer/Close – We make it happen. We assist in extending a tactful final offer. In turn, we also notify all candidates who applied for consideration and were not selected.

Guarantee – We stand by our work and services. Our valued clients are always serviced and represented in a consistently high, personal, ethical, professional, and effective manner.