Our Dedication to Volunteerism and Our Communities

Our Dedication to Volunteer and Our Communities

Our Dedication to Volunteerism and Our Communities

As an award-winning, socially conscious executive search firm and staffing agency, Scion Staffing has established itself as a leader in exceptional talent identification, built on the foundation of relationships we have mindfully cultivated with individuals, businesses, and organizations, as well as among our team members. At Scion, we lead by example, consistently promoting operational excellence; delivering employee and client satisfaction; upholding professional ethics; celebrating diversity, equity, and inclusions; and fostering the true potential of our industry. Many of our clients value community engagement at both the local and global levels, and we share this passion; volunteering and community engagement are a fundamental part of who we are as a company. Since our founding, our core values have driven us to not only support exceptional organizations and businesses but also to embody those principles in our actions. By giving back to our communities, we know can make a positive impact on the world around us and inspire others to do the same.

Just as we offer diversity in areas of recruiting expertise, such as executive search, corporate staffing, nonprofit staffing, information technology recruiting, creative staffing, and medical/healthcare recruiting, our team is also made up of diverse individuals with unique passions and causes they support. Across the United States, we come together as regional groups to volunteer and support our local communities and each other. We engage with our communities by using the passions and interests of our team members as a foundation for our volunteerism.

At our company, our team members determine the organizations we serve. Working together towards a common goal not only makes a positive impact on our communities but also strengthens our team’s sense of purpose and unity. For Scion team members, volunteering is engaging and informative. It reminds us to look beyond ourselves and remember that we are part of a larger whole.

Volunteering is more than just doing good for others. It can also help build trust, improve communication, and create a sense of camaraderie among teammates. These benefits are important for both virtual and in-person work environments. When staff members work together towards a shared goal outside of their regular job duties, it creates low-stakes opportunities for everyone to learn more about each other and their abilities. At Scion Staffing, we value volunteering because it helps us connect with our communities and gain a hands-on perspective of the challenges that businesses and organizations face in achieving their missions.

At the heart of our team’s work is the satisfaction we derive from placing candidates in jobs that align with their interests and competencies, while also helping our clients find the best possible match for their team. However, we don’t stop there. We strive to cultivate a work culture that encompasses more than just this. Giving back to our communities, in significant and subtle ways, is an integral aspect of our identity. This value is championed by both our leaders and staff members, as we all recognize the importance of making a positive impact beyond just our professional endeavors. As CEO Isaac Schild explains, “A company can extend its purpose beyond profits by engaging in volunteer work. Volunteering is an incredibly valuable activity for organizations, as it fosters strong connections within the local community, brings meaning to the company’s mission, and provides opportunities for team building and personal growth. By stepping away from the office, employees gain invaluable experiences, creative inspiration, and new connections. We believe that all businesses should demonstrate a commitment to their local community, and volunteering is a path that can bring purpose, fulfillment, and success to teams that take pride in helping others.”

Scion Staffing’s volunteer program brings our team members together with nonprofit organizations to make a positive impact several times a year. Although our company supports corporate and nonprofit entities, we realize that independent of industry or sector, all our clients care about those around them. With team members located across the United States, our shared volunteerism supports a wide range of social, environmental, and animal-focused causes.

Check out some examples from our 2023 Q1 efforts below![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Our Portland area team spent the day in the garden at Seeds of Hope at Sunflower Farms, an urban farm in Portland, Oregon that grows food for homeless youth, low-income seniors, and families. The team spent a cold, wet, and happy day working together in the gardens and learning about reducing food insecurity and promoting environmental stewardship.

Q1 Volunteer PDX

Members from our Austin, Texas team spent the day at Healing With Horses Ranch, a Texas nonprofit dedicated to promoting resiliency and independence in body, mind, and soul through the power of the horse in people with disabilities, at-risk youth, and veterans. During their visit to the ranch, the Scion team was energized by working together to support the efforts of an amazing organization committed to serving others.

Our Southern California area group gathered at the Back Bay Science Center which provides education and hands-on experiences for those hoping to learn more about the watershed and estuarine ecology. In working on the organization’s grounds, the Scion team supported efforts to preserve a safe space for osprey to nest and were able to dedicate time to preserving bay environments and the creatures that inhabit them, a passion for all four on the team.

SoCal Q1 Volunteer

Our Seattle area team split into two groups for their Q1 volunteer day! One group was helping the Auburn Valley Humane Society build treat packages for the cute pups they have at their facility. The bags included bulk treats, duck scented liquid, and paper towels and toilet paper for new adopted puppies! The other group helped pick up trash around Steele Park in the Seattle area. They even used their grabbers to grab rubbish out of the surrounding water! They also helped pick up garbage along the streets of Federal Way, Washington!

Seattle Q1 Volunteer

At Scion Staffing, we recognize the significance of our core values, not only in our work as recruiters but also in our personal relationships. We are dedicated to providing value and inspiring others through our work, and we know that empathy and positivity are essential for effective collaboration. In addition to our commitment to teamwork and positivity, our shared belief in embracing opportunities for professional development is vital to strengthening our company from within. This approach involves not only expanding our knowledge about our industry but also about the communities we serve. We are committed to approaching every challenge with an open mind and a willingness to learn and grow. By pursuing continuous learning and improvement, we aim to achieve our organizational goals while maintaining a culture of excellence and innovation.

Through our work together, we’ve discovered that connecting over our shared commitment to making a positive impact in the world and educating ourselves on the work of others has made us a more resilient and effective team. We cannot stress enough how valuable volunteering has been for our company over the years and would highly recommend it to others seeking to strengthen their organizations!

If you’re seeking an executive search firm or staffing agency that values community involvement and supports local causes, please reach out to get in touch with us. We’d be happy to discuss our process and explore how our search options can both streamline the hiring process for your organization and add unmatched, long-term value.

About the Author

Bailey Olderog, Technical Writer (she/her/hers)

Bailey Olderog brings her passion for storytelling and language to her role as technical writer at Scion Executive Search (SES). She is dedicated to telling the stories of others, and it has been her lifelong effort to make contributions that ensure that even the quietest of voices are heard.

Bailey has spent most of her career in service to those who serve. Her extensive public sector experience includes ghostwriting for elected officials and military generals, authoring investigations and public reports, and bringing a voice and audience to those without a platform. She believes language is an art and enjoys using language to advocate for others in ways that are professional, clear, and respectful.

Veterans’ mental health and support have been the guiding star in her career; Bailey volunteers at and has extensively advocated for veteran organizations in her native Texas. She has spent over a decade researching PTSD in veterans, using her research and connections to advocate for positive change and support for military families. She has written extensively on behalf of service members in need of assistance, as well as for military leaders seeking authentic ways to connect with their personnel. She has organized events and supported advocacy efforts for organizations such as Gideons 300 and Texas Veteran County Service Officers. On a nice day, you can often find her volunteering at a park or trail cleanup.

Bailey received her degree in political science from Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas, where she also minored in studio art.