A Year in Review: Our Impact on the Staffing World

A Year in Review Our Impact on the Staffing World

A Year in Review: Our Impact on the Staffing World

Welcome to our first installment of our series ‘A Year in Review’, where we take a look at 2021 from the lens of Scion Staffing and its leading national search divisions. Reflecting on our year can help our readers, followers, and especially our employees better understand what we’ve accomplished in the last 12 months as a staffing agency. It’s also a way to help our readers and internal staff understand what we’re looking forward to in the next year and beyond. Join us for the month of December and read along about our year in review. This week we’ll be focusing on our impact in the staffing world for the year of 2021.

Scion Staffing is an award-winning staffing agency that has established a strong reputation as a true leader in identifying exceptional talent and placement. In 2021, Scion has grown by over 30% and continues to expand our reach. In the last year, Scion has started to build out a strong national presence with offices in the Midwest and Eastern regions.

Because of this strong national presence, we have been able to push forward as a leader in national search for each of our respective divisions. In the last year, we have also greatly expanded our executive search division, specializing in corporate retained executive search and nonprofit executive search.

Building upon our divisions, Scion Technical has been an area of great progress over the last year. Building out our technical recruiting and technical staffing team as well as partnering with one of the largest tech companies in the country has allowed us to maximize our resources for both our clients and candidates. We now as a staffing agency have deepened our internal capabilities and recruiter and HR resources to help our clients better meet their internal hiring and DEI goals. As an expert in national search, our clients in 2021 have thrived from our team’s ability to deliver experienced candidates directly from their dream companies and perfect match for the skills preferences.

Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in 2021

One of our biggest impacts in 2021 is one that has directly affected the internal Scion team as well as our clients and candidates. Our great commitment and care to the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion has gotten us closer to our goal of having an internal staff of 50% diverse individuals. Our diversity, equity, and inclusion internal committee has also been active in building processes to be more effective in building diverse teams of candidates for our clients in a wide range of industries.

Staying ahead of the curve with innovation

Another great impact on the staffing world that Scion Staffing had in 2021 was the improvement of our reach to source and place candidates for clients. By finding an automation partner to improve this process, it has allowed Scion to be on the cutting edge of the recruiting, staffing, and employment industries. Automating this process has allowed us to dictate and help shape exactly where the human resources industry is going.

Continued commitment to strong wages

At Scion, we believe that all workers deserve to make a livable and comfortable wage and in 2021, we made sure to stick to that commitment. Even with the residuals from the pandemic, we’ve been able to provide strong wages and benefits to all temp contract workers. All members of our temporary labor force have a comprehensive benefits package to help them during their job search. We believe that our commitment to our people and socially conscious business practices are two of the biggest things that separates us as a top staffing agency for our sector. Our clients are seeking more than a service that treats others as a number. For us, each and every connection we create is see as an opportunity to create a positive and sustained impact on our client and devoted candidates’ long-term career and ability to thrive.

What has been our biggest impact on our clients in 2021?

The biggest impact on the staffing world in 2021 when it comes to our clients is our competitiveness to bring them quality applicants and placements. We took a proactive approach to build a very strong collection of expert recruiters that finds qualified candidates to fill thousands of openings. Other impacts on our clients have been our outstanding commitment to our ethics, including our approach to diversity, equity, and inclusion as we mentioned before. In the past year, Scion has built a representation of new expectations for staffing agencies.

Our biggest impact on our clients in 2021

For our candidates, 2021 has been a year of positive impact all around. We’ve made several large impacts on our candidates by helping each individual candidate, rather than treating them all as one. Our talented team of experienced recruiters gets them as much information as possible. They also work to not just put jobs in front of them, but rather put them in front of the right job opportunities. This has helped us build really strong relationships with each individual. During the last year, we’ve seen that it’s the small things that we do that help us build and keep long-lasting relationships, as well as build an outstanding reputation.

What impacts are we looking to make in 2022?

As we get closer to 2022, 2021 is in our rear view mirrors. We look forward to creating even more meaningful impacts in the staffing world in the next year as a top staffing agency. We want to continue to stay on top of the latest staffing trend by furthering to grow into being a value add for clients and candidates alike. Scion is looking to having a faster connection while still being equitable. Another impact we’re looking to have is more on-demand staffing opportunities – allowing us to move faster in the overall process and further our reach, while still looking for ways to make the process cleaner.

Building and keeping our internal team will only allow us to keep making meaningful impacts. Since the pandemic started, we have only lost two staff members, and incredible number for a staffing agency. We have kept our turnover rate extremely low and we keep adding new internal positions. We have managed to keep the aspect of fun in our internal work, as well as with our clients and candidates. Scion is continuing our mission to build out nationally so that we can continue to provide unparalleled service and be one of the top source for employers in every domestic state.

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