Benefits of Using a Staffing Agency

Benefits of Using a Staffing Agency

Benefits of Using a Staffing Agency

All too often we hear from business owners and hiring managers that they have trouble finding candidates- and then when they do, those candidates often fall short of the experience or qualities needed to perform the position. But how can the labor market be tight with unemployment at 6.3% of the labor force? In this market; influenced by 2020’s pandemic that created an unprecedented shift in employment, we are seeing a tighter than ever labor market that trends in favor towards candidates.  Understanding all of this, many of our clients are leaning on us to help find qualified and team-oriented players for their team. Read on to learn the benefits of using a staffing agency and recruitment firm (such as Scion) for your next hire and beyond! 

Addressing The Bottom Line

Let’s start with one of the most compelling reasons to partner with an outsourced recruiting firm. It is the significant cost savings that can be realized when you align with the right partner. How? When you eliminate unnecessary and time consuming processes and simultaneously free up your internal resources to pursue more impactful business functions, it also frees your team up to save time and money- arguably two of the most important aspects of business. Partnering with a recruitment firm will help your business continue to do what it does best, while the firm does what they do best- find top talent for your team.  

Perhaps you worry about the talent that the recruitment firm will provide. You want an employee that not only can perform the position to their best abilities but will also align with your culture and team. Most employers desire candidates who will be long term fits for open positions. When you work with an agency, it’s the recruiter’s job to find and vet candidates that match your open role and your work culture. If there are additional aspects that are important to your culture, such as diversity recruitment or showcasing your benefits, our recruiters have the network and expertise to find talent to match. It’s no wonder businesses of all sizes are struggling to find talent. The U.S. recorded there were 9 .3 million job openings in April, this being the highest since the Bureau of Labor Statistics has started tracking that statistic in 2000. Now is the time to partner with a staffing agency or recruitment firm to find the talent your business needs to thrive.  


Don’t feel as if you are alone: nearly 42% of business owners say they have job openings that they cannot fill according to the National Federation of Independent Business


Working with an agency can provide an employer with the chance to evaluate the candidate over a longer period of time without committing to a permanent offer. Additionally, hiring temporary staff can also alleviate some of the urgency that may be associated with filling an opening in your permanent staff – having a short-term employee in place during your recruitment process ensures you take your time finding the right hire. 

We often tote that working with a recruitment agency can give candidates access to employers and jobs that they may not otherwise find on their own, alternatively, working with an agency to hire an employee can give you access to amazing folks who may not have considered or seen your role otherwise. Additionally, recruiters work all day to find top talent, so you don’t have to. You can trust the recruiting team to source the very best candidates on your behalf. 

Temporary/Interim Talent Spotlight 

According to the American Staffing Association, there are more than 3 million temporary and contract workers work for staffing companies in America during an average week and 17 million during a typical year. That’s a large number! With this knowledge, you may be wondering if adding interim staffing to your team or company may be the right move. One of the greatest benefits of using a staffing agency is you have access to well-equipped talent who are available for temporary roles. 

Perhaps your business has departments whose workloads fluctuate depending on your needs. Working with an agency for interim staff can help you find qualified and available team members to help amplify your departments and your work! And, when the project is over, your temporary employees will be done too, until you need a new team to help with the next project. In other instances, if you are a small company, you likely don’t have a dedicated HR department or even a hiring manager in charge of all of your recruiting, interviewing, and hiring. Or, if you do, likely you may have only one person responsible for all of the hiring responsibilities. Should that person go on vacation or sick leave, or should they become busy with other operational tasks or key projects, hiring needs can get ignored or delayed. This can create a poor candidate experience, reflecting negatively on the company and resulting in qualified candidates looking elsewhere. 

Other times, we often see managers or company owners who are in charge of recruiting, interviewing, and hiring on their own. If they are spending valuable time to working on the hiring and recruitment process, that means that they are not spending that time to work on other tasks that make money and grow the business. When working with a staffing agency to secure temporary talent, you’ll learn that generally the agency will provide benefits for the employee (as they are technically an employee of the agency, not your business) such as 401k, health, PTO and more. This makes temporary work as enticing as other type of work. Additionally, when your workforce is more controlled through utilizing temporary staffing, you have the opportunity to only work with employees for the length of time you need them. 

Bottom line? The benefits of using a staffing agency are endless. Hiring a staffing agency to handle the hiring needs eliminates all of these potential scenarios and can help employers and managers focus on the business, while the staffing agency focuses on the recruiting. Plus, once you form a relationship with an agency, it will become easier and quicker to find new staff members for your team. The agency will be intimately involved in your work culture and hiring process, and thus will be able to quickly and efficiently find candidate matches for your team! 


We’d love to equip you and your organization with the resources, talent, and an award-winning partnership that will help propel your business and brand to the next level with “A” grade talent as well as streamlined recruitment tools and technology! For more information about the Scion process, our mission and values or to connect with one our specialized partnership development managers throughout the nation, please contact us today. We look forward to learning more about your unique need and being an industry resource.