Four Staffing Agency Myths

Scion Staffing Agency Myths being fact checked by group of coworkers

Four Staffing Agency Myths


You’ve likely heard a myth or two about the staffing industry. Have these myths perhaps steered you away from utilizing a staffing firm for your job search or a hire? In this blog, we are shedding some light around the misconceptions around staffing so you can make an educated decision as you add to your team or find your next career opportunity!


Myth: It costs money to work with a staffing agency to find a job

Fact: Job seekers should never have to pay to work with a staffing agency. Businesses and organizations (the client) will pay a fee to an agency who have vetted, recruited and presented candidates who match the client’s job requirements as well as culture and mission fit. A fee is only paid if a match is found and a job seeker has accepted a position.


Myth: Agencies are only able to find you a temporary position.

Fact: At Scion Staffing, we provide staffing for a myriad of lengths and positions. Whether you are looking for a temporary position (depending on the agency that you work with, these positions can range anywhere from one day to one year or more, a temporary-to-hire position, direct hire or executive search. If you are interested in working with an agency, we encourage you to talk to a recruiter and share your career goals.


Myth: Agencies don’t offer benefits.

Fact: Many agencies DO in fact offer benefits for employees. If you are working with an agency on a contract or temporary assignment, inquire about the benefits they may offer. Some benefits can include medical, dental and vision insurance, 401k plans and more.


Myth: Agencies don’t care about your job satisfaction.

Fact: At Scion Staffing, we make it our priority to build relationships with our candidates and associates. Even after you’ve begun your assignment or position, you should feel confident in reaching out to your recruiter with any questions or concerns.


Beginning your job search can be a daunting process- don’t let these staffing myths stop you. Let the team at Scion help you find your next career opportunity! Regardless of if you are searching for a position within the Corporate, Technical, Creative, Nonprofit, Medical fields or are looking to engage in an Executive Search, we have recruiters ready to partner with you.