Top Recruiting Trends for 2023

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Top Recruiting Trends for 2023

Our workplace environments have seen a complete shift post-COVID and with the ongoing advancements in technology, we are witnessing one of the biggest shifts in the workplace in history. Along with tech advancements, this shift has made the job market incredibly competitive with the ability for virtual interviews and hiring. Now, headhunters are having to be even more strategic in how they find the right talent for their jobs. Candidates also have more accessibility to job postings than ever before, and this is becoming an obstacle for recruiters. Going into 2023, what are the biggest recruiting trends that HR professionals and manager can expect this year? We will break down some of the biggest recruiting trends for 2023 and how they can help you be prepared this year!

The Aftermath of 2022

2022 was full of challenges for employers and employees alike. We saw several large trends happen in the workforce during the year including the trends of quiet quitting and quiet firing, massive layoffs towards the end of the year in the tech sector, and the continuation of the “Great Resignation” trend. Add an impending recession with all those factors and you get the perfect concoction for a troublesome job market. However, the need for skilled labor opportunities is not slowing down any time soon and companies are finding themselves fighting over skilled workers. 2023 is a year that could bring a lot of promise to businesses who look to recruiters to help them find top applicants and as the recruitment trends evolve from 2022 to 2023, more qualified candidates will appear for those looking to make an impactful hire.

Top Recruiting Trends for 2023

Taking a look at some of the biggest trends in recruiting for the upcoming year, employers and job seekers alike will have to make themselves more available and attractive for recruiters during a time of uncertainty and a strong job market that is largely favoring job seekers.

Remote Working is Here to Stay

Remote and hybrid working environments were the biggest ways that businesses combated the pandemic, and they became a popular choice among workers. In a world where technology has advanced to the point of having company-wide meetings virtually, it makes sense that in 2023, job seekers want roles that allow them flexibility and the option to work from the comfort of their home. Having hybrid and remote workers also allows businesses to find candidates with the exact skills they’re looking for without the need for them to relocate or take themselves out of the running for the job due to distance. Remote work is here to stay and remote opportunities are only going to increase in the future.

Brand Identity is More Important Than Ever

Employer branding and brand identity will play a major role for recruiters and job seekers in 2023. It’s more than just how the company represents themselves on social media or in the public eye, but rather what they’re doing internally to make sure that their company culture is attractive to prospective employees. Job seekers and recruiters, along with recruiting firms, spend hours researching brand identity when looking for a new role, meaning that companies are spending more on marketing campaigns to ensure that their brand identity remains strong in a competitive market. Websites like Glassdoor also provide a sneak peek into what the culture of a company might actually look like for prospective applicants, and if the culture is shown to need major improvement, it may force job applicants and recruiters to stay away.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion are a Driving Force in Recruiting

Building on company culture, recruiters and job seekers alike are looking at how companies operate their hiring process and recruitment process from the lens of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Many companies in the past have viewed the idea of DEI as a box that they check off to make the claim that they are an equal opportunity employer or that their workplace is “diverse” because of a select few employees that would be considered as underrepresented individuals. Research has shown that companies who have a more diverse and inclusive workforce have a higher revenue growth, more willingness for innovation, the ability to recruit a more diverse talent pool, and end up retaining their top talent at a higher rate, eliminating the need for a revolving hiring door constant talent acquisition. Being more open to DEI initiatives allows for fantastic internal growth, a better employee experience, more employee engagement, and allows people in leadership roles to grow their recruitment strategy to attract more quality talent with a wide range of skill sets that is diverse, equitable, and inclusive.

Social Media Recruiting Makes It Easy

One of the easiest and most popular recruiting trends for 2023 is social media recruiting. It’s a more advanced form of talent acquisition that is used to locate and connect with potential candidates. Social media accounts allow recruiters to get a more personable look at candidates outside of their resume, which only tells a fraction of the story. Recruiters learn about a candidate’s personality, experience, and interests through their social media account and are able to connect with them much easier. In fact, over 90% of recruiters utilize social media as part of their recruiting process. One of the best advantages of social media recruitment is that it allows for one-on-one engagement, making the candidate feel valued.

Hiring managers can utilize social media to post jobs with ease to sites like Facebook and LinkedIn, which also proves to save on cost. It also allows them to showcase their company and their culture in their job postings. It allows job opportunities to be showcased to much wider audience and a wider range of job candidates.

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