2021 Trends in Staffing and Recruitment

Job Trends for 2021

2021 Trends in Staffing and Recruitment

We’re already halfway through 2021. Can you believe it? As experts in staffing and recruitment, we are always keeping our finger on the pulse of the staffing industry and pivoting as the industries changes. We’re sharing the trends we’ve seen so far this year and what we predict to continue to be involved in the trends as this year wraps. 

Covid continues to affect the job market. In some areas there is still a shortage of willing and available talent to fill roles and more employees are specific about their work location and needs for work.   

Remote work is staying. Much of the workforce pivoted to work remotely last year- and they still are. Remote work is here to stay for many employees. Offices have reported that their employees are more productive and efficient in the work.  


DEI is at the forefront of many companies’ minds. As our world works to be more inclusive and understanding DEI trends have skyrocketed for businesses and organizations and continue to be a part of the hiring and recruiting process for many companies.  


AI continues to be a growing asset in the recruitment process. As recruiters continue to fill in demand roles, AI recruiting tools are immensely helping the process.  


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