Should You Consider Working For a Startup?

a group of diverse people working for a startup

Should You Consider Working For a Startup?

In the Tech and IT world, you can throw a stone and you’ll likely hit one to two startups. Some of the greatest Fortune 500 companies began as humble startups. If you are researching whether to add a startup to your list of companies to work for, we’re providing some pros and cons to consider below.

You’ll likely have more responsibility.

Depending on your personality and drive, this fact can either feel like a pro or con. Being a part of a startup means that you’ll juggle more balls than if you worked for a corporation. There may not be a set operations or HR department- you may have to answer phones or do things that don’t fall into your job description. But if you are dedicated- taking on this additional responsibility can help you propel in your career- and you might just learn a few new things while you’re at it.

You’ll learn from the ground up.

At startups you’ll likely be working side by side with the innovators and minds behind the ideas. In a large corporation, you may never meet the CEO or founder, but in a startup, you’re more likely to be able to run ideas past them and proof their work too. Innovation is the key to new and exciting ideas and businesses and you’ll have front row seat.

It can be more chaotic.

Starting things is always more chaotic that coming to work for a well-oiled machine. If you do well with a bit of disorganization and chaos at times, you likely won’t be flustered by this fact. But if you prefer structure to your days and schedule, working at a startup may not be the best fit for you and your career.

Your hard work will be recognized- as will your failures.

Being a part of a small startup means you get the opportunity to see your ideas, projects and hard work shine. But you also run the risk of your failures seeing the light. Either way, you will get mostartre ownership and public recognition and that can be a very good thing.


At Scion Technical, our technical staffing division of Scion, we are proud to work with many exciting and emerging startups! If you are interested in exploring more, we encourage you to fill out an application and get connected today!