Five Benefits of Temporary Jobs

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Five Benefits of Temporary Jobs

As you search for your next opportunity you have thousands of options at your fingertips. As remote jobs continue to stay mainstream (see our blog about 2021 staffing trends) you no longer have to consider a specific location when searching. But, have you thought about including temporary, or contract positions within you search? They provide ample benefits to you as an employee as well as for your career and resume. Read on for our five benefits of temporary jobs!  


Build Your Professional Network 

Anywhere you work, regardless of the duration can and will build your professional network. If you are breaking into your career or want to grow your network, considering—and taking a temporary job will give you the opportunity to work with various people and departments, particularly if you take more than one temporary or contract job. Networking is everything and it’s especially important to have a vast and varied professional network. 


Grow Your Skills  

Perhaps you want to grow a specific skill or try out a new one, but you may be hesitant to jump in with both feet. If you take a contract or temporary job, you’ll be able to test the waters with your skills and hopefully learn and expand on them! A bonus tip: sometimes temporary positions have the opportunity to turn into permanent ones; you may master a new skill, love it and have the opportunity to work in that role long term!  


Sample a New Industry 

Just as you may want to expand on or try new skills, you may also want to test out a new industry. Taking a temporary job within a new industry or company will help you gauge the culture, requirements and if you like it, will give you a leg up on the competition should you want to secure a long-term role within that industry or company.  



The nature of temporary jobs offer way more flexibility than a normal permanent position. You may experience more work/life balance within a temporary position. Additionally, most temp positions are paid on an hourly rate, which means you may have more control over your schedule while still being paid accurately. This is just one of the many benefits of temporary jobs, they are great for folks that may only be available for a certain time period- such as school breaks or over the summer.  


Improve Your Resume 

Lastly, taking a contract or temporary position can help improve your resume! The skills and projects you tackle within any role- temporary or not, will always help your career as hiring managers like to see hands on evidence that you can tackle a system or project in real life.  


For more information on the benefits of temporary jobs as well as temporary opportunities through Scion Staffing, head to temporary page today, or view our open positions on our job board today!