How to Apply With Staffing Agencies and Find Temporary Jobs

Group of Staffing Associates at a training and ready to work sitting a conference table.

How to Apply With Staffing Agencies and Find Temporary Jobs

Are you looking for temporary jobs or interested in applying at staffing agencies? This post explains the types of temp jobs available and their benefits, how to find work, useful tactics to use when applying and more about the national temporary staffing market.

What Is a Temporary Job?

A temporary job is an employment situation where the employee is expected to remain in a position only for a certain period of limited time instead of a long-term placement in a permanent position. Temporary employees may have the opportunity to be considered for permanent employment status. Temporary employees may also be referred to as seasonal employees or temps in some industries.

How Long Are Most Temporary Jobs?

Short-term temporary jobs can last just one day, and sometimes last up to a week or two. When the temporary position continues longer than four weeks and does not have a set end date, it’s typically considered a long-term temporary position. These positions have the strongest possibility of conversion to permanent employment.

Why Temporary Jobs Are Helpful

For most professional staffing firms, temporary jobs are a lot like a trial run in which both the employer and the staff member get to try each other out. Temp-to-hire jobs are exactly as they sound. The employer interviews candidates and tries someone out and later offers a permanent job if they like the work of the temporary worker and the fit with the team.

For professional Staffing Agencies, up to about 50% on average of longer-term temporary projects will carry the possibility of permanent hire. Temporary workers who are hard-working, effective, and prove they are reliable to get the work done with a good, positive attitude have the best chance of being offered the permanent position.

When to Apply with Staffing Agencies

There are a variety of different Staffing Agencies that exist to connect corporations, nonprofits, and expanding employers with qualified candidates. The types of jobs Staffing Agencies provide include (1) temporary project work, (2) temp-to-hire opportunities, (3) permanent jobs, which the staffing industry call direct-hire, and (4) executive jobs.

For the above types of jobs, there are agencies that specialize in each of the areas, and some that specialize in multiple or all of them. In addition, there are staffing companies that specialize in each sector, such as education, light industrial, manufacturing, supply chain, corporate professional staffing, nonprofit, creative, IT/technical, architecture, engineering, design, restaurant, events, real estate, semiconductor, recruiting, aerospace, and other areas.

Thus, before you start out looking for an agency it’s important you do your homework and target a firm that fits your career interests. If you’re not sure and seeking office work, start with firms that specialize in professional staffing.

What You Need for Temporary and Permanent Employment

For most agencies, you will need a resume. Only entry-level physical labor Staffing Agencies will not ask if you have one. If you are seeking an office job you will also need a well-written cover letter to apply for consideration. For most agencies, you can apply for temporary work directly online. For permanent and temp-to-permanent positions, openings are listed in each staffing company’s website.

To be considered for these roles you will simply need to apply directly on each agency’s website. Also, it is a good idea to register and apply with more than one Staffing Agency. It is always best to cast a wide net regarding employment opportunities and be honest about your skills and what you are seeking.

Your Staffing Agency Options

Many types of Staffing Agencies exist. We recommend starting with firms that are either award-winning, part of the American Staffing Association, or have reputable reviews on Google and Yelp. These companies tend to be your best bet in finding great jobs and being treated with respect throughout the process.

The Benefits of Temporary Jobs and Seasonal Employment Work

There are many national and local Staffing Agencies that can connect you to temporary work. Temp work is a great way to meet hiring managers, learn about what you are interested in, and build your resume. Don’t be afraid of a temp job doing work outside your interest area. It is very possible to work in a temp job and then express interest in your dream job while onsite.

If a job is open in your area of interest or the employer has a connection in their network, amazing things can happen if they are impressed by you and motivated to help you realize your true potential. This is very possible as long as the work you are seeking is not unreasonable for your background. Temporary jobs can be a wonderful way to gain experience, network, and gain professional references.

How Much Money Can You Earn as a Temporary Worker?

Temporary work can be a great way to find work and make money rather quickly. Most staffing companies pay weekly, and thus the waiting time to be paid can be shorter than with some employers.

The American Staffing Association recently reported the average hourly wage for temporary workers to be above $17.00, but this rate can also range as high as $150.00 for consulting based experts and specialized positions in demand in areas such as technology, legal, or leadership roles.

How Many Temporary Jobs Are There in the United States?

According to the American Staffing Association, last year temporary jobs supplied by Staffing Agencies reached a new high of 3.2 million in the United States. Over the year in the United States, Staffing Agencies hired more than 15 million temporary and contract employees.

The demand for temporary labor has been seen to continue to rise annually and remains a large percentage of the United States workforce.